Bakto Flavors Natural Root Beer Flavor-4 OZ


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Bakto Flavors Natural Root Beer Flavor-4 OZ

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Natural Root Beer Flavor is the best hidden ingredient for the Root Beer Float fans. We at Bakto Flavors work hard to bring you the natural flavor that closely resemble the real fruits/roots or seed. Root Beer Flavor is an American tradition. Root Beer is a carbonated drink originally made using the root of a sassafrans plant (not allowed to be used in food due to its carcinogenic affect). Popularized in North America, root Beer goes beyond just a cool summer beverage. Our flavors is also delicious in teas, cocktails, and ice creams.
½ to 1 teaspoons in your favorite drink, blended with yogurt, add to cream, pudding, coffee, tea, water, ice cream, fruit salad, use in candies and baking.
Regulatory Information:
Food grade,

List of ingredients:
Propylene Glycol, Ethyl Alcohol, Natural Flavors.
Store in tightly closed container at a cool temperature. Avoid prolong exposure to light, heat and air. Shelf life is 1 year.
No sugar, corn syrup, or coloring added.
Gluten free,
GMO free,
Allergen free,
Produced in the USA.

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