Beet Root Powder-4oz – Natural Food Coloring


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Beet Root Powder-4oz – Natural Food Coloring

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You Are Now Entering The Gluten Free Zone…

Way back in 2009 (wow time flies), there weren’t many cereal options for people who were gluten-free, especially when it came to granola. When my husband gave up gluten, he was disappointed when he couldn’t find any gluten-free oat-based granolas on the market. This inspired us to create a delicious line of gluten-free, non-gmo granola. It’s all handmade in small batches and contains wholesome ingredients such as ground flax seed and coconut. It’s baked at a low temperature to bring out its flavor and crunch. Our granolas are all non-gmo verified, gluten-free certified (GFCO), kosher OU, contain real ingredients and have no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

What’s In Your Cereal Bowl?

Cereal is one of the basic household essentials, but do you really trust all of the preservatives found in most products these days? Why not fill your bowl with the artisan flavors of Jessica’s Natural Foods granola clusters? Your spoon will probably be as happy as your taste buds!

The Breakfast Club Remedy for Celiacs

Living without gluten does not have to be a flavorless curse or an excuse to not join your friends for breakfast. Jessica’s Natural Foods believes people with food allergies should enjoy food that tastes as good or better than their allergen loaded counterparts. Certified gluten free has never tasted better!

Just Add Milk or Enjoy As Snack

No milk (or milk substitute)? No problem! Even without it, Jessica’s Natural Foods baked granola makes the perfect snack when you are on-the-go or looking for something to have at the office or in school. Go ahead, treat yourself! Also makes a great gift!

Get the High Quality Breakfast Blend from Jessica’s Natural Foods Today!

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