Puroast Low Acid Coffee Organic House Blend Whole Bean, 12 oz. Bag (Pack of 2)


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Puroast Coffee


Puroast Low Acid Coffee Organic House Blend Whole Bean, 12 oz. Bag (Pack of 2)

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Coffee Farmer in Venezuela with Beans

Coffee Farmer in Vanezuela

The Puroast Story

Puroast Coffee founder Kerry Sachs found himself sitting on a Venezuelan coffee farm one morning when he was served a cup of coffee by his host. The same fellow who also grew, roasted, and brewed the beans. The taste was unlike any coffee he had ever had – savory and rich, and very smooth. No bitterness. He naturally assumed this great taste was because he was on a coffee farm, kind of like drinking wine in a vineyard. It turns out the secret to this wonderful flavor was about how heat was used in roasting. He knew then that he wanted to learn about this roasting. So along with a few friends, Kerry set out to do just that. Create a coffee that is pure to the art of roasting. Puroast Coffee. After a long, challenging journey, including valuable tasting sessions with a local Portuguese baker and coffee connoisseur, they finally found the right flavor and Puroast Coffee was born. Kerry and his brother began selling Puroast in local stores in California, people loved the taste, and then they find out there’s more to the story – a lot more.

At a Glance
  • 100% pure gourmet coffee
  • 70% less acid than other coffees
  • Seven times more antioxidants than green tea
  • 100% premium coffee, no additives, certified kosher, gluten free, calorie free

The only ingredient in Puroast coffee is 100% premium ground coffee beans. What makes Puroast coffee so deliciously healthy is our unique roasting process. Our beans are roasted slowly in a wood-fire, which is traditional of Venezuelan coffee farmers. This process allows each bean to roast on its own, producing a range of flavors that are both subtle and full-bodied. The Puroast roasting process also reduces bitter elements that are often caused by other, conventional roasting methods. This in turn reduces the acid content of all our Puroast coffees. In addition to the health benefits low acidity provides, it also “unmasks” the true flavor of the bean.

Coffee on the tree

70% Less Acid

We received calls and letters telling us Puroast Coffee didn’t upset customers’ stomachs or aggravate their heartburn. There were so many of these that we decided to find out if there really was something different about Puroast that would offer this benefit to so many people. We discovered there was in fact a big difference in Puroast* – not only does our roasting recipe make for a smoother taste, it also greatly reduces the acid in coffee by more than 70% compared to other coffees.

Puroast Coffee Antioxidant Level Comparison Graph

7 Times More Antioxidants than Green Tea

In reducing acid levels, our roasting process dramatically increases the amount of antioxidants by five times more than other leading coffees, and seven times more than green tea. Along with Puroast Coffee’s exquisite flavor, the benefits of lower acid and rich levels of antioxidants will bring you enjoyment like no other coffee you’ve ever had.

Clinical Survey by Gastroenterologist Dr. Arthur Euler, MD: *90% surveyed consumers receive symptom relief from Puroast – Key Statistic. *95% of surveyed customers would purchase Puroast again for both taste & symptom relief. *Customers who suffer gastrointestinal symptoms when drinking coffee want a good tasting, gourmet coffee without provoking their usual degree of symptoms.

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